Expect the Unexpected

As I planned this weekend I didn’t think we would have ended up in the ICU, not just the hospital the INTENSIVE CARE UNIT.  Our Saturday started as planned we got up preparing to support our cousin Chanel at the 2015 ALS Walk. It wasn’t too cold or too warm. It was a rather great Fall day. One thing that was a little off is Donta woke up with a cold (sore throat, headache, and a cough). I thought that was it but, what he wasn’t tell me was he was struggling to breathe. So, we stopped at the pharmacy got some cold medicine and an orange juice and were on our way. We started the walk he only did one lap and snuck off to the side to smoke. I was cool I finished all 6 laps and came back and mingled with the family. On our way home he request to go lay down before our son’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. We made it to the party. Donta was talking to all our friends and everything was great. Until he started to decline.

I got him to the hospital where he was immediately given a breathing treatment. After a couple of hours and on progress they decided to admit him to the Progressive Care Unit (PCU). It was there where things went from bad to worst. He was still struggling to breathe and working his body in triple overtime. I was scared I wanted to cry. All I could think was they better not let him die. Finally the nurse was able to get a hold of the doctor and they placed him on a Bipap machine which, is one step away from a ventilator. I was up to the wee hours of the morning watching the monitor, praying, and thinking about our life. The next day they attempted to take him off the Bipap he didn’t last 3 minutes before he was struggling to breathe. The doctor finally reported he needed to stay on it for the remainder of the day and through the night. The next day he was able to be on just the oxygen and they started preparing to ween him off. Finally he was ready to go home. Thank you God!

This was a traumatic event from me and all I think about was how our ducks were not in a row. We really are not prepared if the Lord decides to take us tomorrow. We have no wills and our life insurance policies are okay but, with four kids I think we may need a little bit more. We haven’t talked about what it is we wanted when we leave. I know it’s morbid but, in all honesty I’m starting to think we need to make sure things are set up so if either one of us should go the other one will be okay. And if we both should go whoever is caring for our children is able to support them.

I think in life we run from the scary not so pleasant things in our lives and we don’t take the time to properly prepare. Tomorrow is not promised to any one so, I just say this if you have children or a spouse make sure you have a decent life insurance policy. Make sure you have a will in which, it identifies who will care for your kids. I have no doubt in my mind that even without a will my kids will be cared for. But, if you know you have some shady family members or if you don’t have a lot of family you need to start thinking about who will care for your children. Will you leave enough money behind to bury you and support them? Too many children are left our here with nothing or significant others are trying to adjust to raising a family on one income.

I’m thankful for what God has done for my family and me thus far. However, after this weekend I know at any moment he can come and call either one of us home. I truly do not want someone to have a gofund me page to bury Donta and I. Or, to help support whoever, is caring for our children to including us. I am going to start working on getting us set up for the future.

Crazy Lady


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