What the HELL is the problem? 

So in the wake of the events in Paris people are changing their Facebook pictures to show that they are thinking of or praying for the victims of Paris. Now this is causing another uproar that because you are showing compassion for Paris you can not possibly care about any other matters in the world. Social media is not my life it does not dictate all the things that I care about, pray about, and consciously think about on a daily basis. 

This just goes to show you that the world is out to crucify you no matter what you support or believe I there will always being someone with something negative to say. I have compassion for most world issues and events. I am aware of the protest at Mizzou, black lives matters, genocide in Africa, and the million other sad and tragic events taking place in place in the world. 

So I ask What the HELL is the problem? The problem is it’s too many people who think they have the authority to judge others. I will not allow anyone tell me that I should not care about others. Biggest issue in the black community is we talk down on our own people more than others. We can’t come together as a people because we don’t know how to stand together. Civil Rights leaders were able to do what they did because the community supported them. They were able to travel to different areas because the community raised the money for them to go and to ensure their families were taken care of while they were gone. 

Communities today are unwilling to do those same things for the people in our communities to have leaders that are willing to stand on the front line daily for our fight. So, I’m just venting but, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

It’s just my opinion which, I normally keep to myself. 


5 thoughts on “What the HELL is the problem? 

  1. I sometimes wonder if it’s the lack of black community support of leaders, or the lack of black leaders worthy of black community support?

    When was the last time we had strong leaders worthy of support since the Civil Rights Movement? I’m only 20, and I haven’t witnessed much of that in lifetime (although I’m young). Anyway, just a thought.

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    • We only remember the good in Civil Rights leaders but, they had significant flaws. It’s just now we have social media and tabloids to dig up dirt and expose everything. So, because of those skeletons people are less likely to support them.

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      • Oh yes, they had flaws. The quality of their leadership is what outshined the flaws. I’m pointing to the lack of quality in black leadership. I don’t think a community is looking a flawless leader. I think what they seek is a quality leader. Something rare in this day for the black community.

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      • I see your point but, I also think their is a lack of courage. I know plenty of people who would make great leaders who are fearful of rocking the boat due to the impact it will have in their professional lives. We are taught that money is what matters most; however, materialism is the real problem. I just hope that someone from this upcoming generation is willing to take a stand.

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      • That is so true, especially when it comes to voicing how you feel in a way that doesn’t damage future job prospects. I often face that same fear! That’s something I hadn’t considered.

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