Married for 3,608 days!


So, I’ve been married for 3,608 days which is roughly almost 10 years. I must say the journey to get this far was definitely a difficult one. But, it has taught me to value my husband and his feelings and not just my own. The first couple years of marriage was about teaching each other what the other person needed in order to remain married.

I admit that I let life events and our children to prevent me from being a wife at times. I had to learn that despite being a family my role as a wife is different than that of being a mother. My family as a whole require my love and attention; however, separately my husband requires the same thing.

Being married for this long let me know that it’s the little non-material things that matter most such as the following:

1. Recording out favorite shows so we can watch them together

2. Showering together and debriefing about our day

3. Working out together


5. Our emoji conversations

6. The laughs we share

These are just a few on a list of many that allow us to continue to grow and remain grounded in our marriage. Just like my kids my husband can contribute to my craziness! But, I love them and couldn’t ask for a better family.

Crazy lady



Wooohooo!! We’re well into our second week of summer vacation so far so good. I only came home one day to my home in disarray. I’m kind of glad for summer because it means no more last minute project supplies, party snacks, and the infamous “I forgot to tell you last night when you were at the store I need lunch money.” It’s just laid back hanging out relaxing for them. Of course more work for me. Now they are home most day; however, they have done a lot better with not eating up everything they see. The locks are working I’m thinking mainly because they know we are watching and monitoring.

But, I must say we kicked summer vacation off with a bang the first stop was Washington D.C.. We saw family, rode the metro, and walked what seemed like forever all over D.C.. It was a fun filled weekend that left us exhausted but, satisfied. I’m not one of those mom’s that has the summer planned out. I’m just one of those mom’s that says “Hey, this weekend we should pack a cooler and head to the beach.” So who knows what our summer holds I just know it will be filled with memories.


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The Joys of Motherhood, Marriage, and Life

Through all our struggles my kids are my world.  I must say I have some of the smarted and talented kids. From football to dance and honor roll to the International Baccalaureate I must say they do it all. Yet in still at times they drive me crazy. I don’t know how many times I can repeat myself in one day but, I’m sure I’m setting some type of world record.

Though my kids do it all and I try to do it the best I can; however, at times I feel like a failure. I feel like a failure as a mother, wife, and in my life. On a daily basis I juggle so many task and often times I’m too tired to even complete. I look at others especially single mothers and they appear to be handling life far better than me. Here I am married with four kids and two jobs, yet still I’m struggling daily to hold it together.

I pray daily and I try not to worry yet. It is so hard to stay focus and have faith.

So I started this entry last week when I was living in a moment of self-doubt. Yet, I know deep in my heart that I am the best parent that I can be and my kids are a direct reflection of me. I smile today knowing that despite my storm someone else is going through one far greater than mines.  


So for today I am maintaining my sanity and moving forward focusing on being a better all around me.


I’m out!!!

Crazy Lady

Hello world!

Let me introduce myself as the crazy lady, better known as mom, or otherwise known as Jackie. I am the mother of 4 growing children ages 8, 11, 12, and 14. I must say that they are really teaching me a lot about myself, life, and my finances. I decided to start a blog because something that occur in my life you appear to be just too crazy to be true. I just hope to open the door to some of my real life issues and possible share my experience with others.


Crazy Lady