Honesty is the best policy

Last night we took the kids to dinner to have some family time. During dinner I start talking to them about what it’s like to go to college. I make sure to focus on the fact in college they are independent and no one will be standing over their shoulder telling them to do their homework or going online to find out if they are missing assignments. They were very nonchalant about the conversation. However, I think I was very real about the conversation. My husband and I understand first hand how it is to lose track in high school and be more focused on outside stuff instead of your education. This is why he went to vocational school and I went to the ARMY. I’m trying my best to set them up now so, they are able to manage themselves later. I told them about all the parties, the girls/boys, and freedom they will have. I also told them about all the ones that returned home because they forgot in the process they had to study and attend class.

After dinner my daughter decided to ride with me to Target (favorite store in the world) . While at Target I spoke to her about relationships. I shared my downfalls in relationships and my victories. We discussed friendships and self-worth. I was very candid in my responses to her and ¬†shared with her my own struggles. As to why I am able to tell her the things that I do. I explained my childhood and why I’m not so willing to allow her to go to just any sleepover. I definitely went the honesty route.

Parents we have to let our children know about our past failures and experiences. If not, they are going to think we are just shooting out the ass and want them to be miserable. It’s okay to let them know that you haven’t been perfect or had it all together. If you used drugs tell them and tell them what you experienced. Tell them your failures they love you unconditionally. Stop hiding your children from the world because one day they will be out there alone not sure of how to navigate it. They may fall for some girl or some guy that will feed them a bunch of crap and lead them to a world of heartache and disappointment.

Well that’s just my thoughts.

Crazy Lady