Middle School Blues

Where is a parenting manual when you need it? I swear as your children get older it appears to get harder. My kids are very smart;however, why didn’t anyone tell me that when they hit 6th grade they lose their minds. You would have thought I learned from the first two and was prepared for the the 3rd one. Oh No! I just knew he was going to be focused and do what he’s suppose to do. But, he too is adjusting to being a 6th grader and I’m trying to give him time to find his groove.

Not saying my kids are not making good grades in school because they are it’s just the homework. I admit I work a lot and so a lot of my time is just stopping at the house long enough for everyone to pile in the car and head to practice. Yet, when I come home I’m checking planners for homework even in the 6th, 8th, and 9th grade. Lately we have been turning in late assignments, no assignments, and staying up late completing homework that should have been done hours ago. I’m trying hard not to be a Tiger Mom; however, like I said before I know what they are capable of and I will not allow them to fall below their potential.

My biggest fear is that they are going to grow up and follow in my footsteps and not live up to their full potential. When I got to high school I got lazy and was more into socializing than focusing on school work. I was not focused on college, careers, or even the future. I was only focused on the present. I lived in the present so long that I did not properly set myself up for future success.

So, now I’m buying dry eraser calendars, on pinterest finding printables, and doing everything in my power to get them organized. I’m trying to do everything in my power to help them be successful. No one said it would be easy but, Lord knows I didn’t think it would be this hard. But, I know I have good kids and it’s my job to raise them the best way I know how.

Well enough of my Middle School Blues!

Be Blessed

Crazy Lady

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Setting the Bar

As the new school year approaches I find myself thinking about what are the expectations I’m setting for my kids this year. I have added some components to help us be organized such as a Family Command Center

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/356136283011453760/ . This is not my actual command center; however, it is what I am working towards. I often get a lot of my peers on Facebook inboxing me about how do I keep my kids on track (honor roll, high test scores, and athletics). My answer to that is I set standards and expectations for my children. This has been something my husband and I have done since they entering preschool. This goes for school work and behaviors.

If you allow your child to think that “C’s” are acceptable than you will start to get “C’s.” I have high expectations for my children because I am fully aware of what their capabilities. If they struggle I remind them of the importance of working harder. We live in the world where nothing is impossible but, it is all a matter of how much effort are you willing to put into it. Have confidence in your children and be aware of their needs. Children will see your confidence and they will learn to have confidence within themselves. Praise your children when they meet your expectations and offer them assistance and encouragement when they do not. Once you set the bar it goes pretty far in raising hardworking children.

Just a reminder teachers can not do it alone. It’s the love, support, and participation from parents that take our children to the next level.