It’s the 1st week in November my most favorite time of year. I love the holiday season it brings me so much joy to know that I will get to spend time with my family, get an extra few days off of work, and maybe get a nice gift or two. If you ever wanted me to do something or even give you anything if you ask around this time of year and you just might get it. I love the holidays right down to spend my Sundays watching Christmas Movies on Hallmark and Family Channel.Gratitude is something we often leave out because we get some complacent in our everyday lives that we forget that our lives could have been totally different. When do we stop and be thankful for the multitude of things that we do have and our blessed with. Do we complain about our jobs? (My hand is held real high on this one) Do we complain about our bills? Do we complain about being overwhelmed due to the many activities we chose for our lives(or our children’s lives)? But, think about it what if you didn’t have a job how would your survive. If we have bills that means we have lights, shelter, water, gas, and other necessities for life. We are blessed to have the ability to be overwhelmed and engage in many activities and place our kids in activities. It’s somewhere right now praying for your jobs, your bills, and your life.

Gratitude: “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”

I’ve been working with a client on Mindfulness exercises and many of them have been about stopping and paying attention to things in our surroundings we normally ignore. To focus on what we hear, see, and smell. “Stop and smell the roses.” We spend so much time focused on what we’re buying for Christmas and so upset if we can’t afford things for our kids. But, is that really what the season is about just what we purchase. We need to stop and really focus on the true meaning of the season and be more giving of ourselves than of our money. We should challenge everyone try to do at least one thing this holiday season to do at least one act of kindness for someone else. Especially our children challenge them to think of one kind act they can do for others. They must decide on their own and make a plan to put it into action. This bring back the true meaning of the Holiday season.



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What’s your vision?

What’s your vision? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Can you picture? If you can what exactly would you being doing  at this exact moment 10 years from now? This week in church my pastor discussed taking action in your life and start to make things happen. I realized that I have been slacking in so many areas that it is just pitiful. However, I also know it’s not too late to finish what I started and move on. My first step in this is creating and writing out my vision for my life. If you speak with any successful person many of them will tell you they set some goals and went for it.

So I’m going to do this I’m going to provide some vision to my thoughts and dreams. I’m going for it all the way. What’s the worst that could happen? The worst thing that could happen is that I FAIL. But, guess what? You can’t fail if you don’t try. Is there something on your heart to do? What is your dream? What is standing in your way? I’ll tell you what it’s “You.” Self-doubt and fear kills us all the time. It’s stops us from trying and moving forward in life. It’s why we stay in bad relationships, stay at terrible jobs, and settle for things in life. As long as were okay and things appear to be stable we fear taking that extra leap of faith and follow a hearts to true happiness.

You may be content with your life but, what if you could be more than content? What are willing to do to be extremely happy with a life full of meaningful acts?  Don’t be so quick to break you back to help others build their dreams when you can put the same effort into your own dream.


Honesty is the best policy

Last night we took the kids to dinner to have some family time. During dinner I start talking to them about what it’s like to go to college. I make sure to focus on the fact in college they are independent and no one will be standing over their shoulder telling them to do their homework or going online to find out if they are missing assignments. They were very nonchalant about the conversation. However, I think I was very real about the conversation. My husband and I understand first hand how it is to lose track in high school and be more focused on outside stuff instead of your education. This is why he went to vocational school and I went to the ARMY. I’m trying my best to set them up now so, they are able to manage themselves later. I told them about all the parties, the girls/boys, and freedom they will have. I also told them about all the ones that returned home because they forgot in the process they had to study and attend class.

After dinner my daughter decided to ride with me to Target (favorite store in the world) . While at Target I spoke to her about relationships. I shared my downfalls in relationships and my victories. We discussed friendships and self-worth. I was very candid in my responses to her and  shared with her my own struggles. As to why I am able to tell her the things that I do. I explained my childhood and why I’m not so willing to allow her to go to just any sleepover. I definitely went the honesty route.

Parents we have to let our children know about our past failures and experiences. If not, they are going to think we are just shooting out the ass and want them to be miserable. It’s okay to let them know that you haven’t been perfect or had it all together. If you used drugs tell them and tell them what you experienced. Tell them your failures they love you unconditionally. Stop hiding your children from the world because one day they will be out there alone not sure of how to navigate it. They may fall for some girl or some guy that will feed them a bunch of crap and lead them to a world of heartache and disappointment.

Well that’s just my thoughts.

Crazy Lady